Changing a HR system is an expensive process. Making the wrong decision on which HR system will best meet an organisations unique requirements, or implementing it poorly can be expensive for both the customer and vendor alike.

We have a unique tool and process that guides organisations through the whole system selection process. From identifying the must have’s, engaging with key stakeholders, drafting an expression of interest, engaging with vendors, through to implementing the system into your organisation, HR lead can help.

We know that having the right HR system to support organisations goals and objectives as well as to match to people, processes and integrate with other systems is essential. Effectiveness and efficiency only comes when systems, people and processes are aligned. It is our mission to help organisations not only make the right selection on software, but to ensure a seamless implementation and a high level of user acceptance through sound change management processes.

We pride ourselves on being a system agnostic and system requirements experts that partner with all vendors in the market to showcase their offering and match suitable, ready to buy customers to them.



Mandurah, Western Australia

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